Monday, December 26, 2016

18th Annual Riddle Run is Happening

“No Fees, No Awards, No Aid, No Wimps”

You never know if a fat ass event will continue from year to year. Interest peaks and wanes. But we've had this local trail fat ass ("Riddle Run") since 2000. Why not continue it in 2017? No fees, no awards, no race goodies, no support. Just a great "fun run" to burn off the winter holiday calories. Let's do it again! In one month, it'll be time for the 18th annual...

Event: Riddle Run #18 
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017
Time: 8:05 am
Location: Lake of the Woods trails 
Distance: 28 miles (7 x 4-mile trail loop)
Cost: Free (no goodies, no aid, no real awards)

The full run is 7 loops of the 4-mile course. People are welcome to run whatever distance they want. Tom Rice and I will be there to continue our "Riddle Run Streak" (we've done all 17 so far). Bring something to share. Or not. If you are the current champion (Steve and Jen), please bring the traveling trophy. If you defend, keep it. If not, it goes to the new champion (if any). Whatever distance you run, send me your miles and I'll tabulate results again (including all the DNFs). If we behave, Mr. Riddle himself might show up and run a loop with us. He'll be retired, so maybe he'll challenge for the win like he did at RR1 in 2000! As always, animals are welcome, but they need to track and report their miles just like humans. The canine contingent hopes the weather is too cold for macaws. 

With the approval of the race committee, for the first time ever, RR18 will allow out-of-state participants to log their miles on local trails and still be counted in official RR18 results. We had a few "almost complaints" last year from CA, CO, and MO. Why not let the buffalo tribe participate from afar? Let's do a virtual event. Maybe we'll even have Canadian entrants. Only local runners are eligible for the overall winner awards (male and female), but all other goodies will be provided to out of state runners (nothing). For non-local Riddlers, you must run on trails (not roads) and send me your results along with trail location/description. Photos would be cool too. No need to verify with GPS tracks, but if you post to Strava or Dailymile, I'll take those links. 

Past champions from 2000-2016 are listed here.

Full results from the 2016 event are here.

Another change for this year's fun run...complaining and whining are just fine. No DQs for loquacious wimps. You'll still DNF if you don't finish the full 28 miles, but that's better than a DQ, right? 

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