Saturday, April 29, 2017

No Structure, One Rule

After yesterday's terrible treadmill run, I dedicated myself to running when, where, and how I want. No metrics about pace, distance, speed, heart rate, elevation, etc. Just run. Or walk. Or both. I'll still track all my runs, but I won't look at my watch--just "time of day" will show. The runs will still be uploaded automatically to Garmin, Strava, Smash Run, DailyMile...but not this blog. I don't want to see the data. I don't want to comment on the results. Only one piece of information matters...Did I enjoy the run?

My runs will no longer have any structure. No expectations. When I wake up, I might go for a run. Or not. After work, maybe. If I do run, I'm not sure I how far or fast I'll go. Or where. If I head out and don't enjoy it, I'll turn around and walk home. Weekly miles? Don't know. Average pace? IDK. No structure to the day, week, or month. One rule...have fun. Enjoy the run.

Hope you enjoy your runs too.

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