Sunday, June 18, 2017

1 Mile Fast, Every Run

My new running plan is to run 1-mile fast during each of my runs. Just one mile. And it can be split up. 1-mile steady? Cool. Two x 800m? Fine. Four x 400m? Yep. Even 10 x .1 mile (our local bike path is marked very 1/10th mile). The rest of the run is easy. Or whatever. Basically I walk, jog, run, then run hard, then back to easy. Each and every run. If I'm not feeling up to it, then the "fast run" portion can be just a bit faster than easy. Today, after warming up, I ran a steady mile in 6:45. Not bad! Felt great to go fast, but still under control. Sneaky way to get in more speed work. If I run 5 days per week, that will be 5 miles of fast running for the week. I normally run 4-6 days every week so I'll be getting in a substantial, but not burdensome, amount of faster running. Sometimes on the road, occasionally on the track, but mostly on trails. Speed is fun.

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