Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Strava Mile

There's a Strava challenge this month to run your best mile. Not shorter, not longer. Go for the mile! Post it on Strava with the #MyMile tag and you'll have a chance for a free pair of shoes. That was incentive enough for me to try a fast mile. Today was my first attempt and I ran a 5:56 mile on the track. Went out way too fast and slowed quite a bit, but it was still a GPS/Strava personal record for me. I think I can run faster. Need to hold back on the first 800m to allow a strong finish. I was breathing extremely hard and my lungs, and legs, were burning. As an old ultra-runner, I'm proud of this mile achievement. One hundred miles is still harder than 1 mile, but there is a distinct and intense suffering that goes with the 4 laps on the track. I wanted to stop several times. 400m is enough, right? 800m is certainly more than enough! 1200m seemed like a valiant effort. OK, I'll finish the full mile. Glad I did. The next one will be easier...and faster.

Still a few days left in June for you to run your mile. Get out there! It's "only" a mile. You can do it. Tracks are easy-no elevation gain.

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