Monday, September 4, 2017

Walk, Then Run, Then Walk

In my recent effort to get faster, I have circumvented my normal walking before and after my runs. And walking breaks during my training runs have been cut out too. I am faster, so it seems to be working. But I'm getting more fatigued. I'm sensing a bit of over-training. I need to return to what works for me...especially as I get older! I need walking to warm up and cool down. And as a break to keep my easy runs easy.

So, now I start my "runs" by walking. How far? How long? I walk until I feel like running. Then I run. And I keep running until I feel like taking a walking break. Repeat as needed until the run is done. Simple. No structure to the walk-run strategy. Just go by feel. And the run portion can be fast or slow depending on what my body and mind feel like doing.

This is my new plan for almost all of my runs. Except my long run on the weekend. I need to develop stamina and endurance that is specific to the half-marathon event. That means no walking breaks and also a good steady pace. The rule of specificity wins out on the weekend. Everything else is by feel. No heart rate or pace targets and no alarms.

You need to crawl before you walk. Walk before you run. Run before you race.

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