Sunday, January 14, 2018

Riddle (fun) Run Continues

The annual Riddle Run is coming up on January 27. It's a 28 mile (7 x 4-mile trail loop) fun run. It'll be the 19th year of this event. No fees, no (real) awards, no support, no goodies. Just run. Try for the full 28 miles, but do whatever you want. Jeff started this back in January of 2000. I've continued the tradition the last few years. Hopefully Mr. Riddle will be back for the 20th anniversary run next year!

There is a ton of interesting history for this event over the past 18 years, but only two facts that are truly important. First, only two runners have participated in all 18 events so far--me and another guy. Second, I have more "Riddle Run" miles than anyone on Earth (427 miles). I'll keep my streak alive and add to that total in a couple of weeks.

Here are the Riddle Run winners from the past 18 years. The Riddle Run 28-mile course records are 3:39 (men) and 4:18 (women).

2000JeffJeff Riddle8:39--
2001JeffSpencer Nelson4:40--
2002JeffDave Scott3:52--
2003JeffDave Scott4:06Becky Dey5:45
2004JeffDave Scott4:28--
2005JeffJack Pierce3:49Marla Luckey5:34
2006JeffJeff Kelly3:48Marla Luckey4:31
2007JeffBrett Graham3:54Marla Luckey4:28
2008JeffMatt Condron3:39Ellen Erhardt4:18
2009JeffRob Raguet-Schofield4:56Becky Kasten5:32
2010JeffMatthew Small3:58Kristy Powell4:18
2011JasonBrian Kuhn & Elliot Brinkman4:57Andrea Stack5:37
2012JeffBrandon Smith (& Elliot Brinkman)4:00Ellen Byron5:25
2013JeffJason Elliot3:45Andrea Stack5:00
2014ChrisMatt Halfar6:32--
2015ChrisSteve Butler4:41Andrea Stack6:14
2016ChrisSteve Butler4:29Jen Burton4:38
2017ChrisNic Carter5:30Sarka Petrickova4:40

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