Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Reebok Harmony Road 3 After 50 Miles

I've now run about 50 miles in my new Reebok Harmony Road 3 shoes. Mostly on roads, with a little bike path, grass trail, and packed dirt (rail-to-trail). No track or speed workouts. Basically, all easy aerobic runs, with a bit of fartlek "surges" thrown in from time to time. The shoe is still very enjoyable, has great traction, flexes well, toe box seems wide enough, and upper is super comfortable. Cushioning is extremely good. Unfortunately, one problem has creeped up...I tend to get a pain in my left heel when I run in these shoes. I think it is related to the higher heel-to-toe drop (10mm). I can feel myself heel striking more (and maybe harder). While the heel is well-cushioned, there must still be impact forces. I'm laying off the shoe this week and will use it for a long run this weekend on a flat packed dirt path. No shoe has given me heel problems on that path. If my heel hurts again, this shoe may be relegated to walking around status. Or just very short runs. I do not want heel pain!

I believe my sweet spot for running shoe drop is 4-6mm. You would't think an extra 4mm (to 10mm total drop) would make a difference, but I can feel a change in my stride. Same with zero drop shoes. They are FANTASTIC for walking around, and short runs, but nothing fast and nothing long.

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This shoe has great potential, but if it bothers my heel, it's not for me. If you are OK with a larger heel drop, give the shoe a try.


Entertaining Game Channel said...
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Unknown said...

So do let us know your final remarks for HR3 are they were the real cause ofcheel pain.

Chris Ⓥ said...

Heel is still a concern, but it is not the Reebok Harmony! It's the extra speed work I've been doing. Still not sure about the higher drop, but it is not causing any injuries.