Thursday, July 4, 2019

Running Races: July to November

I have 4 races over the next 4 months. Here goes...

July 13: Last Runner Standing
Continue to run a 4.1 mile trail loop every hour until only one runner is left standing. Easy, right? With central Illinois heat and humidity, and probably plenty of sun, it's not that easy! Everyone starts on the hour. Finish early, then you rest. Finish after the 60 minutes and you are out. Don't start the next loop on the hour mark and you are out. Patience is key. Go easy, eat, drink, and stay relaxed. Winner will likely go well into ultramarathon territory, I hope to snag 20+ miles. Good training for Howl at the Moon 8-hour race.

August 10: Howl at the Moon 8-Hour Ultra
One of the largest timed ultras in the country. Right here in central Illinois! Run a 3.5 mile trail/road loop as many times as you can in 8 hours. Simple. Not easy, but simple. Of course, you have the unbearable summer heat/humidity of Illinois, with little shade on the course. I hope for 40+ miles. Good training for a fall ultra...unfortunately my next race is a half-marathon.

October 5: Half at Fort Ben
This race has gotten under my skin. I like it, but hate it at the same time. The weather has been poor the last couple of years. Too hot for a fall race. And the course has just enough hills, at the right (wrong) miles to really test you. The distance won't be a problem, but racing a full 13.1 miles fast will be a challenge. Hopefully the Last Runner Standing and Howl races will have built my endurance and aerobic capacity. A touch of speed work should get me what I want. Hoping for a personal best for this course (not a PR for the half-marathon, just this race).

November 9: Tunnel Hill 50 Miler
The 50 miler is the middle distance race here at Tunnel Hill. The featured race is 100 miles, then they have the 50 miler, and a marathon. I would have run the marathon, but it's on the second half of the rails-to-trails course which has a long uphill section. Might as well just do the full 50 miles (once, the 100 does a repeat of the first 50 miles). I've been here before and know this course. That 5-6 mile uphill section gets me every single time. My best time for any 50 miler is 9:04 set here in 2014. I hope to beat that time this year. 8:59 here I come!

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