Sunday, February 9, 2020

Every Run Has a Purpose

Lots of coaches and training programs push the idea that "every run has a purpose." I suppose they mean you need to know what you are trying to accomplish with every run. Then you can achieve your goal. Don't go too hard. Or too easy. Too long or too short. Yeah, I understand, but I don't agree. At least not for me! I'm to the point that I just want to run and enjoy it. I guess that means the "purpose" of every run is joy. Well, that might be too optimistic. I simply want to like what I am doing. Sometimes that means suffering. Not usually. Sometimes that means running very fast. Not often. Sometimes it means running nice and easy. Frequently. Long? Not in crappy weather. Lately, I find myself migrating indoors to the treadmill. I like the controlled environment. I'm finding harsh weather intolerable. I can run in cold, wet, windy weather...but why? I don't enjoy it. It's just running. Shouldn't I like it?

I understand that if I run for enjoyment and fun, I may miss opportunities to optimize my training and reach my full potential in racing. That's cool. I'll take the hit. Training, versus racing, is 95% of my miles and time. I should enjoy them. And I'll still enjoy my racing...even if not perfect. Tempered expectations come with age. Call it wisdom? Sure.

For me, every run has a purpose. I do what I like. When I like. How I like. It's just running.

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